Guests will wait in their car, in line, to stay warm.

This is a great chance for the kids to write their letter to Santa (there is a mailbox for Santa).

Before speaking with Santa, a family photo will be taken.

Our photographer will take your family photo and print it while you visit with Santa.

Guests will put masks back on to talk with Santa.

Santa will be protected by a plastic barrier on his workbench and will have a mic on.


The days of putting your child on Santa's lap are currently on pause due to COVID times. This just means there are more creative opportunities (and many times, less stressful) for your children to visit with a distance! But, being at a distance shouldn't mean making it awkward or unnatural. We have built a way for your family to visit with Santa at his Workshop, where it would be natural that kids would be talking to him behind his workbench (instead of being on his lap).

In our 12' long, 7' high enclosed trailer, we have built a door that opens up to become a canopy and exposes "Santa's Workshop" with a real-bearded Santa working on toys inside. Guests will walk in front of the trailer and be a part of the set, as the workshop set overflows on to the ground. We will take a professional photo right away, and as the photo prints out for you, the children will have an opportunity to talk to Santa.

Because Santa will be about 6' back in the trailer, he will have a microphone on so the kids can hear in clearly. And after the visit is complete, you will be able to pick up your photo on the table as you walk back to your car (which is right there because you will be waiting in line in your car). Our trailer will allow you to visit in Santa in any weather and COVID situation. There will be no reason to miss out on the tradition of visiting with Santa!


Whether businesses want to give this as a gift to their employees and/or use it as a gift to their customers, we know all participants will be appreciative.

Should your business wish to hire us for your employees to bring their families to your parking lot for their visit with Santa, we will schedule a time slot that you can let your staff know they can come. Since so many staff Holiday parties won't be happening this year, this is a great replacement. Your employees will be very appreciative so they don't need to worry about how to make this tradition happen. And, many businesses are preparing gift bags to give to every family after they visit with Santa. We can even arrange this for you!

If you want to thank your customers for all of their support during this year's craziness, then this is a great way to do it! Schedule a specific time for your customers to bring their families to your parking lot for their photo & visit with Santa. Your clients will cherish this gift for many years!

There is one other way businesses are utilizing our mobile Santa photo experience. We are looking for businesses who would like to sponsor this experience for under-privledge communities. We will be arranging with Churches that serve communities that usually may not be able to afford a photo with Santa to have us in their parking lots for specfic times. When your company sponsors photos for local churches, your logo will be featured on each photo, so participants know who to thank for their gift.

Many Church congregations will want to give the gift of the Santa experience to their members. It is a great way to celebrate together, but seperate. Arrange a time frame with us to be in your Church lot and you would arrange for families to pre-register (through you) time slots. This way you can control how many families are coming at once.

Some Church congregations don't have the funds to give the photos away. This isn't a problem as you are welcome to either find a corporate sponsor for the photos (we cna put their logo on the photos) or charge your members for the visit. We can help you work through this process when you call to schedule.

Would you like to arrange the Santa's Traveling Workshop in your neighborood? No problem! We would be happy to set up on a street in your neighborhood, with your help for permission and marketing to your neighbors. We need at least 24 seperate families to agree to have us there, which would allow 2 minutes per family to visit with Santa (we would be there for 2 hours). Give us a call at 513-871-2171 to discuss this further if you want to arrange it for your neighborhood! Schedule early as slots will fill up quickly.


No. We do not want kids to remember Santa in a mask. Santa will be 6' away from the families, and when speaking with the families, Santa will have a plastic divider up as extra protection (this will not be up for the photo). Santa will have a microphone on so you can hear him very well. This is not shown in this photo as we are still building the full set.
We will ask everyone to remove their masks for the photo, which will happen immediately. After the photo, we ask that you put your masks back on to talk with Santa.
The photos will be printed immediately, while you talk with Santa. Once you are finished with your quick visit, you will be able to get the photo right before you get back into your car. Digital images will be available for emailing, depending on the services contracted.
As long as we can drive to your parking lot, the event will happen no matter what the weather is doing. Our trailer has a built in canpoy to protect from rain or snow, and we will set up a small tent for the photographer who will be at a distance. Ad because there is zero contact with this set up and t will bne outside, even if there is a shut down, we can stil provide this service.
Please contact us about pricing and scheduling, as every business or organization is different. However, it is important to know, there will be a 2 hour minimum for any event.



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